The Virgin Mary Channels Book to Massage Therapist

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The Virgin Mary Channels Book to Massage and Healers

Ojai, California- After speaking to Mother Mary daily for many years, Jay North wrote Advanced Breakthroughs in Massage Therapy in 1976. With the help of Mother Mary and many years of training and research, he has completed The Gift of Touch, a valuable tool for both beginners in the art of massage therapy and for professionals in the field.

The Gift of Touch is an exciting new work intended to aid those seeking relief, improvement and change in their quest for a more pleasurable life. The Gift of Touch is intended to motivate readers to initiate positive changes in diet and physical activity that can result in improved physical, mental, emotional and sexual well-being.

Therapeutic touch for health and bodywork has been around for thousands of years. Jay North, author of the new book The Gift of Touch has been a social activist, entrepreneur, organic farmer, and practitioner of healing arts for over 30 years.

Jay believes that simply through the art of systematically touching and handling the body’s energies, lives can be dramatically improved. The focus of the book is the manipulation of energy FLOWS. Energy is what creates and holds the material we collectively refer to as reality. When energy flows smoothly and evenly, the body operates at its optimum level.

Energy in and around the body can get locked up due to many factors, including: injuries, trauma, drug and alcohol use, etc. Locked or blocked energy is what tends to foul things up in the body and mind. In The Gift of Touch, Jay reveals how energy in and around the body can be freed up to flow and be of optimum use and value- leading to a calm, vital, productive, happy individual.

The Gift of Touch is a comprehensive book, filled with interesting facts, as well as step-by-step instruction in a variety of healing techniques. It covers everything from esoteric concepts such as karma cleansing to basics such as how to give a Swedish massage, the most widely used and accepted modality in massage therapy throughout the world today.

The Gift of Touch also delves into the areas of nutrition, fasting, standing meditation, group healing sessions, romantic love, massage for babies and Native American sweat lodges.

An entire chapter is devoted to sexuality and sensual massage. Jay asserts that a healthy sex life is one of the most healing therapies for well-being and overall happiness. He said, “Sex is one of the highest degrees of the expression of love we will ever know. For thousands of years, nations, cultures and individuals have designed all sorts of interesting techniques for expressing love and sexuality with one another. Sensual massage does more than just relieve tension… it is spirituality- the act itself, it is two people coupling in order to bring pleasure into this life experience for and with each other.” This chapter is for couples, not practitioners and their clients.

There are many books on Healing on the market.What is new in The Gift of Touch is a book that increases readers’ ability to be in oneness and to experience oneness in their daily experience of life on this earth. These techniques are intended to aid in the quest for beingness and oneness by removing the blocks to oneness.

In your search for healing, happiness and a complete opening to a fully conscience experience, the data in this book will be useful and helpful. Many people have deemed it to be accurate and amazingly helpful in their quest for health and vitality.

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