Book Marketing 101

Your masterpiece is done-now what? Selling it is what!

A writer writes to be read; as an artist paints to be enjoyed both require rewards for their work. You put in the hours to create your book-now make sure it gets read.

Any publisher will tell you the most important aspect to selling your book is a great marketing plan. If you don’t have one you could end up with a lot of books sitting in your garage collecting dust. As a matter of fact your marketing plan is of senior importance to the quality of the book its self.

I have been involved in writing, publishing and marketing books since 1971, I have learned from some of the world’s leading professional book marketers and I am happy to help you succeed with your book sales. You deserve success with your book and I am here to help you achieve it.

Contact me and let’s get your book selling.

Jay North


Jay’s work is nothing less than miraculous, in just 10 months he brought in over 2000 press coverage’s, 800 radio talk show interviews and outstanding TV guest appearances, including,  Comedy Central and Rosie O’Donnell. I highly recommend using his professional public relations services.

-Malcolm Watson, The Barefooted Violinist. Ojai, CA and Boulder, CO.