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Jay North, New York Times bestselling author, is available to help you to write YOUR book!

 With over 33 books of his own and well over 100 books written for his clients, along with thousands of books he has shepherded through the publishing process, he can show you the way to greater publishing success.

Whether you are in need of a ghostwriter, editor, re-writer or proofreader, Jay and his team of professional editors will help you along the entire process, from original book idea creation to obtaining the right publisher to illustrate your concept, story or idea through the first draft, final product and new publication of your brand new bestseller!

 From self-publishing or garnering an established publisher, Jay knows publishing thoroughly and completely.

 Every book and movie started with an idea. Even Star Wars was once an idea written on an envelope in the ‘70s. Imagine the success you could have with your idea, with the right writer behind you!

 Whether it be a script, a novel, a spirituality book, a how-to book, or a personal story, no one has a better idea than you and when you contact Jay North and his team of expert editors will work with you in all your writing and publishing needs.

Several of his clients’ books have been turned into successful movies by Jay. Hollywood is waiting! It’s your cue! A long list of references available for the asking!

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“I felt a bit intimidated to write a review for such an exceptional and gifted writer. I am thoroughly delighted by how fast he developed my story into exactly what I needed. I hired Jay to take my travel memoirs, notes and suggestions and transform them into an inspiring message I wanted to share with my readers. I was astonished by how quickly he developed my story into exactly what I wished to share. He is extremely positive and patient. I truly appreciate that he took the time to understand exactly what I wanted.  If I had known how easy and pleasant the process was going to be, I would have hired him a long time ago. He delivered exactly as promised and exceeded all of my expectations. I cannot recommend Jay highly enough, and I feel extremely lucky to have found him. He is truly a gem. Jay, thank you for helping me to achieve my dream. I know I could not have done it without your positivity and guidance.”

Kindest of regards,
Nicole M. Broadwater


Thank you so much for putting our story together.

You captured it in such an engaging and interesting light, it was simply phenomenal.

You delivered in good time, you took the time to listen and you made it come to life.

You are an exceptional writer and I hope to work with you in the future and would highly recommend you to anyone


To Whom It May Concern:

Please let this serve as a letter of reference for Jay North of One Global Press.
In mid 2011, I was referred to Jay by a mutual business associate in regards to writing a family historical book for me. I was looking for someone professional, efficient and affordable to prepare a book about my family’s ancestry.

After giving Jay my notes that I had gathered, along with some verbal recollection of my family, he was able to take charge and run with my idea. The result was an absolutely beautiful book on my family, which we will cherish forever. My book published at 242 pages, which was ideal for what I was looking for. Jay was able to compile all of the information and complete my book within a few months, just in time for Christmas.

I have to say that Jay was a complete pleasure to work with. He was not only professional, but extremely thorough and compassionate about my family’s heritage. His creativity brought a life to my book that I do not think it would have had otherwise. His writing skills are impeccable and this book will be a treasure to my family and I for generations to come.

Should you need any questions regarding Jay and his writing skills answered, please feel free to contact me.

-Sarah C Peet