Organic Farming Minister: Jay North One with the Land

For Immediate Release

Jays does not make a move without consulting Mother Earth

For Organic Farming Minister Jay North, the earth’s voice is more than a legend. Mother Earth speaks to him and he has turned his calling into a faithful lifelong devotion dedicated to the organic deeds she gracefully utters with her fruitful body. North’s desire to seek union, an intimacy with the earth and its life, has produced countless followers to his books and website.

The recently released Getting Started in Organic Gardening for Fun and Profit is now available to take his sacred wisdom to millions of followers worldwide; and his website is a Godsend to gardeners seeking enlightenment on natural and healthy methods to improving their health and lifestyles for an earth that will continue to flourish with natural resources. North preaches the idea that with amplified awareness on organic farming, the circle of life will continue through its natural migration. Considering himself only a tool to spread the word, North’s website is a holy book for gardeners. After 30 years of tree hugging, and receiving the earth’s bounty through growing and eating fruits and nuts, North is hoping that his organic religion will help to re-instill faith into fallen believers and non-believers, alike.

North’s book, Getting Started in Organic Gardening for Fun and Profit, was inspired by his 30-year open relationship with Mother Earth; she has been a mother, a lover, and a goddess guiding him in his spiritual journey through life, channeling him to communion with body, spirit and surroundings. After years of communication through intimate whispers from soil, wind and water, North is cultivating this Holy Communion; North’s book is calling for disciples to share in the glory of his awakening.

North, known as one of the “Edible Flower Children” is a pioneer in the organic farming industry. North’s wife, Pamela, who passed away a few years ago, initiated the bond Jay has with Mother Earth and their offspring Organic Farming. Along with his deceased wife, through the language of love, North was able to listen to Mother Earth, developing plants that prosper, introducing hundreds of varieties of organically grown vegetables, fruits, herbs and Edible Flowers.

North and his former wife became known worldwide as innovators in specialty organic produce, organic gardening and organic produce marketing raising awareness under the name Paradise Farms, touring the world as missionaries, evangelizing their growing and cooking methods, and prophesizing healthy, beautiful, environmentally-friendly produce and a time when the world will become free from the harmful affects of pesticides.

With his organic religion in the forefront, North’s services and resources provide guidance for creating pure healthy food and a vital environment that has not been stripped of its natural resources, or contaminated by unnatural chemicals.

North’s services include landscaping, teaching and consulting with organic growers at any scale of gardening endeavor–from the at-home gardener to the aspiring grower/seller of organic produce–any who seeks guidance and enlightenment in organic farming and the mystic connection it can give us to the earth and us.

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