One Globe Press Reinvents Book Marketing

Ojai, CA 1/July/11

In a new and revolutionary move, the publisher One Globe Press announced today a new method of marketing books by bestselling author Jay North.

One Globe Press is an independent publisher of Jay North’s new and bold non-fiction books for the metaphysical, new age truth seekers and aspiring green thumbs.

Jay’s books shed light on important contemporary issues regarding environmental concerns and anticipated changes in the world, and propose cutting-edge ideas about modes of healing accessible to a broad audience. With Jay’s wide range of subjects, we are proud to publish his books to help improve conditions on planet Earth.

In an unprecedented marketing effort to expand sales for North’s books, readers can enjoy his complete library for a subscription price of $3.95 per month and download one book each month. North has written 14 books—and more are promised to come soon. Readers will receive access to over two million words which, according to One Globe Press, will help change conditions on planet Earth for the better and heal individuals at the same time.

The bestselling author is known for Getting Started In Organic Gardening, The Windowsill Organic Gardener and Guide To Cooking With Edible Flowers. North has appeared on numerous television and radio talk shows preaching the benefits of healthful living and sharing his vision for a cleaner environment. His book Open Spaces: My Life With Leonard J. Mountain Chief shares stories of North’s experiences with this magnificent Blackfeet Elder, relating important visions and stories from the Blackfeet Shaman. The Gift Of Touch explores energy healing, and Miracles In The Kitchen offers home remedies that North claims will cure any ailment.

A lifetime of worldly wisdom and writing not only entertains North’s readers but also helps shed light on important contemporary issues, assists in individual consciousness-raising, and improves health. Enjoy the whole collection at

Jay North says his purpose is to write and to be read and to make a contribution to humankind. His entire collection can be purchased in hard copy from

Jay North bestselling author, social activist, organic gardener and everlasting enthusiast of endless possibilities welcomes the opportunity to be a vital aspect in shaping and improving individual lives. Welcome to


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