Is Grandpa Naked in the Garden Again?

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Is Grandpa Naked in the Garden Again?

Type in “Nude Gardening” in your Google search engine and you’ll come up with 378,000 results. What is all the buzz about? Organic gardener, Jay North’s The Windowsill Organic Gardener tells readers how to indulge the naked gardening trend without ending up in court for indecent exposure.

“Nude gardening is all the rage in Western NY,” says a blogger on, “ because we have to soak up the Vitamin D during the 27.4 days during the year that we have the chance.”

“As you stand there, you feel the world loosening around you,” says another proponent of au naturel horticulture. Gardeners have known for ages that pottering around your petunias has stress-reducing benefits. But now there is a growing trend among nature lovers that says that these benefits increase exponentially when you garden…naked!

If you are lucky enough to own a house in a fairly secluded area you can get out your love of naked gardening and in the bargain get a “global” tan. The BBC long running show Gardener’s Question Time says that naturists have all the usual questions other gardeners experience, plus a few of their own, they are keen to enjoy the delights of plants, flowers and shrubs but wish to avoid spiky plants and those which sting. But gardening in the nude can get you in trouble in a populated area, particularly if your neighbors don’t approve of your minimalist dress code.

“No problem,” says organic gardening guru Jay North, author The Windowsill Organic Gardener. “Just do it inside.” The Windowsill Organic Gardener is available at, the site that teaches people how to keep an organic garden in tiny spaces, legally in the nude.

So when you get the urge to prune and trim in the buff, go right ahead … just be careful what you do with those garden shears!

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