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The best way to get your message across is to hire the best writer for the job

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For many people, the thought of writing a book, article or essay seems to be frightening and to others fairly easy and straightforward endeavor. Simply think about what you want to say and then write it down. But, once they get started, most quickly realize that writing in a manner that compels readers to hear what you have to say is much more difficult to do than originally thought.

The good news is that Jay North has a knack for being able to write in a way that grabs hold of a reader’s attention and won’t let go until your story has been told.  Jay North is a professional writer that has an immense amount of experience and credits to his name. As an author, Jay North is a ‘http://professionalwriterjaynorth.com‘  Writer of 30 published books and 8000 Articles that have been published and distributed all over the world. And he makes all of this writing expertise available to you through his professional ghostwriting service.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to address a creative writing assignment for school or work or if you want to turn your experiences into a compelling novel, Jay can help you put your thoughts down on paper. He produces exceptional copy when it comes to other formats such as dispute letters, newsletters, fundraising materials, book marketing plans and so much more. All of the writing assignments he produces are professionally written and edited to ensure that they meet format guidelines, pass grammar and punctuation standards and are enjoyable to read.

What’s more is that ‘OneGlobePress.com‘ Professional Writer Jay North’s ghostwriting services are both affordable and reliable. You will never have to worry about missing a deadline or having to pay more than you can afford when you hire Jay North to handle your writing needs. It’s his commitment to you. Every piece will be well written, edited and polished before delivery.

If you have a writing need and don’t have the time or the talent to produce the high quality content that you need, contact Jay North today and get a great product at a reasonable cost. There is no writing project too large or two small for Jay North.

About Author Jay North
Jay North published author, organic gardener and social activist; contact Jay for services and rates at 805-794-9126, by email: jaysbookshere@gmail.com or visit his websites:www.OneGlobePress.com and www. Http://ProfessionalWriterJayNorth.com.

Marketing and Press Services for Fledgling Writers

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You might think that all it takes to get published is to have a great book, but years of experience in the industry have taught me a thing or two about the importance of marketing your novel.

Whether you’re a fledgling writer dreaming of earning a significant income from your novel, or you’re a bestselling author already who simply wants to improve your marketing plans, I can provide professional book marketing and PR services.

The Major Factor in Book Publishing

It can be disheartening to learn that the most important aspect of the publishing process is not writing a fantastic novel. It’s actually your marketing plan.

I became a bestselling author years ago by learning all I could about the publishing industry and how to navigate it. If you’ve written a book that you want to see in print, I can help you with a variety of services that will improve your chances of being published.

The Early Stages

Some of the most crucial parts of the process happen very early on, before your book has even made it into a publisher’s inbox or onto their doorstep. Submitting your manuscript to publishers is a time-consuming process, and having a clear plan in mind before you begin pitching can save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

Some of the professional book marketing and PR services that I offerinclude assistance with recruiting agents, pitching letters to publishers, writing marketing plans, and book critiques. I can also help you with ghostwriting and editing if you feel that certain chapters need to be improved.

Sales and Distribution

It can be extremely exciting to get your first acceptance letter from a publisher. I still remember the initial thrill of becoming involved in the publishing industry back in 1971, and the feeling has yet to wear off. It is a rewarding industry and can be a highly lucrative one as well, if book marketing and PR services are obtained and your published novel is promoted, distributed, and marketed effectively.

I can assist first-time authors with the sales and distribution of their published book. I offer a special feature that teaches authors how to make $5,000 per month using sales techniques that guarantee passive income.

Interested in learning more? Contact me about my professional book marketing and PR services at OneGlobePress.com or ProfessionalWriterJayNorth.com

Professional and Affordable Ghostwriting Services

jayMy name is Jay North, and I am a professional writer who works from my home office in beautiful Ojai, California. Over the course of my career, I have learned the ins and outs of the industry, from writing and editing to marketing my clients’ self-published novels and everything in between.

I have now decided to create a blog to share my thoughts with all of you, and provide insight into the types of services I offer.

What is Ghostwriting?

A ghostwriter is a skilled professional writer who provides contracted work for another writer, whether in part or in fully, who will publish your work under their name. Ghostwriters receive some or no credit.

Most “autobiographies” by major celebrities have actually been ghostwritten, and many other novels, both fiction and non-fiction, are credited to someone other than the official author.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Ghostwriter?

There are many reasons why someone might decide to hire a ghostwriter. You might not have the time to get all your ideas out. You might have a fascinating life story that you think would be marketable but you aren’t a writer yourself. You might simply need help with a specific chapter of your novel, or with plotting your story, or with structuring the outline.

If you have an idea for a novel but no idea how to go about creating it, consider seeking out a qualified ghostwriter to help you through the process. Most ghostwriters have a specific niche that they are known for, such as mystery novels or memoirs, but others are willing to do research along with the writing, typically for a higher rate.

As a professional writer with many years of experience in ghostwriting scripts, novels, articles, and blogs, I can help you bring your story to life, or simply breathe new life into a story that feels like it might be missing something.