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Emergence of the rainbow tribe

New World Rainbow Tribe Order—The Time Has Arrived 

Live by the golden rule—live and let live.

People throughout the world today recognize that where ever the IMF, The World Bank, Wall Street and US government policy has gone, mayhem has been left in the wake. Speared on only with power and control the dark side has had control for far too long. But people, real people speared by love peace and harmony will shake the world awake with the New World Rainbow Tribe Order and help reshape freedom and teaching of the Rainbow way to live and let live.

We The New World Rainbow Tribe Order

We proclaim our humanhood, living as free spiritual beings; and we proclaim a new way. Beginning with- live in harmony with planet Earth. Share more, start local groups that have local interest in mind. Stop depending on federalism. Serve and inspire others to service free of change. Make love the key component to all life—Spirit comes into our Life to teach us how to live in unconditional love, its time the message is taken to heart by all peoples worldwide. Utilize methods of cohesive living, discard principles that do not. Retrain police and military to be servants with compassion and understanding. Work together for the common good, not for completion. Work out deference’s with resolution communication not fear, jealousy and hate. Create a monetary system that leaves no one out. Redistribute wealth so that every humanoid on the planet has a decent standard of living. Make changes in laws that treat people with common good and stops punishing people. Create more food sharing programs; get everyone housed in safe and peaceful housing-worldwide. Start more free (non taxed) barter clubs for goods and services. End all wars, develop a department of Peace- allow female school teachers to run it. Take money out of politics, allow each community to govern its self. Re-treat the earth with environmental education for its people and expand recycling around the world. Outlaw game hunting except for food substance purposes—no living thing should be treated as a game animal. Collect and conserve water. Change energy use to free energy gathering and distribute it without charge to consumers. Rid the planet of all nuclear power. Use sun and wind energy to power our homes cars and other transportation. Rid us of GMO’s and make freedom in organic farming a principle.

Reestablish the tribe to respect and look after elders. Influence creative thinking in schools, support artist writers and inventors. Let no race creed or religion be left out. Ware rainbow colors daily, laugh sing and dance; the rainbow way has arrived. Raise your children with pure love.

Live in harmony-live and let live. New World Rainbow Tribe Order has arrived, just the way Leonard J. Mountain Chief said it would.

Aho brothers sisters come into the new sacred way


Ozone Therapy

By Jay North

In the 1930s, a German biochemist named Dr. Otto Warburg made the revolutionary discovery that due to the low rate of respiration in cancer cells, they are capable of fermenting their own sugar and thus starving the oxygen cells so much that they replicate uncontrollably. He theorized that an increase in blood oxygen levels could potentially slow the replication of cancer cells, or even kill them.

This information was startling to many in the medical field, but decades later, physicians and biochemists are now aware that oxygen alone is not enough to stop the metastasis of cancerous cells in their tracks. However, Dr. Warburg’s early discovery helped encourage proponents of an alternative form of therapy called ozone therapy, which has been practiced in many cultures worldwide throughout history—not just to eliminate cancer cells, but other ailments too, including AIDS, herpes, and cirrhosis of the liver.

The core belief of ozone therapy advocates is that the introduction of a mixture of ozone gas and air into a patient’s body can slow the replication of cells. Although ozone therapy can be practiced in several different ways, the most commonly known method is autohemotherapy.

During autohemotherapy, a physician draws blood from the patient, mixes it with ozone, and introduces it back into the bloodstream. Physicians extracting and re-releasing ozone-infused blood into the patient’s body must do so cautiously; studies by the American Cancer Society have indicated that oxygen-releasing agents can be harmful to the body, but those in favor of alternative therapies such as ozone therapy have found the process to be perfectly safe when done properly.

A more relatively innovative method is when ozone is inject directly into the blood stream, thereby creating a quicker and more sustainable therapy for the patient. There are no known adverse reactions to this practice.

Ozone therapy can be as effective as traditional treatments for diseases, particularly those involving the vascular system. Additionally, proponents of ozone therapy recognize that while the process can take anywhere from several weeks up to several months, very few or no negative side effects have been observed.

The therapy is seemingly most beneficial when a tumor is accessible and can easily be injected with a needle filled with oxygen. Regardless, the benefits of this type of treatment have been noted in numerous cultures, and it seems likely that in the near future, empirical biological and clinical tests will confirm the positive impact of ozone therapy in traditional Western medicine.

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Peace & Good Health,

Jay North

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