Stop Trump’s Agenda

Stop Trump’s Agenda

Hello from Jay North published book author, article writer and publisher.

Friends: today we face  extremely powerful, dangerous and dire circumstances- once President elect Donald Trump takes office, this is not merely my option as there are hundreds of watch dog organizations that are extremely considered with his presidency.

One of my books Open Spaces; My Life With Leonard J. Mountain, Blackfeet Elder From Northwest Montana (published by One Globe Press) and several other U.S. Native prophesies has noted the danger of such a man becoming the President of the United States  and warns of the peril and consequences.

I/we require your support! Each week we will produce accurate “real news” articles that counter Trump’s ideals, agenda and intentions. Funding is badly needed in order to reach millions of people not only in the USA but around the globe. Our intention is to prevent possible destruction of Planet Earth. This evil and quite insane man will have his figure on the button and we Planet Earth lovers know it is our responsibility to prevent ‘game over’. Spiritual leaders such as the Delhi Lama have noted “this is the only place to become enlightened.” Note: we are group of concerned writers coming together to promote the idea of people coming together to help insure the planets survival and thriving Americans.

We need your support! After you read chapter 27 “Clear Mountain Morning of Nuclear Vision” in my book Open Spaces I believe you will become an active and regular contributor to this very important endeavor and as Leonard J. Mountain Chief would say-“there is nothing else as important.” Each contributor to saving Planet Earth and stopping Trump at every turn will receive a signed copy of Open Spaces in return for $100.00 or more donation. It is our moral obligation to save this planet for our children and their children.

Each week following the swearing into office of this very suspicious President we will write and distribute watch dog articles and send to potentially millions of readers worldwide, but first we need your support. Please go now to Stop Trump’s Agenda, and commit to helping us do the right thing.

Thank you and please share this with your friends and family around the world, but make your donation now!

We have not been able to come up with crowd sourcing yet that accepts political ideals!

Please make your donations for Stop Trump’s Agenda directly to One Globe Press using your Pay Pal account, send donations to Thank you, Jay North.

Full disclosure report of funds distributed will be made available to all contributors.