Two Acres, Many Millions

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Two Acres, Many Millions

You’ve got the farm. You’re producing your organic foods. You know it’s good. Now, how do you tell the world? Learn from Jay North, in his new book Grow Yourself Rich. Jay and his wife, Pamela, became known as the “Edible Flower Children” while introducing their organic herbs, and eventually edible flowers, to the world.

Pioneers in the organic farming movement, Jay and Pamela learned that it took much more than good soil, the right product and hard work to turn their small California farm into a multi-million-dollar enterprise. It took a lot of selling know-how, media savvy and inventive promotional techniques to turn two acres into millions of dollars.

The “Edible Flower Children” appeared on such high-profile shows as Good Morning America, Today with Bryant Gumble and the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, in addition to a weekly cooking segment and thousands of newspaper and magazines, such as Newsweek and the New Yorker.

The Norths toured the country promoting their products and teaching both chefs and laypersons the techniques of cooking with edible flowers. They also sold over 100,000 copies of their book Guide to Cooking With Edible Flowers.

From direct sales to telemarketing, media advertising to scoring free press- Jay’s techniques will work for any business.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business awhile and need to boost sales or re-create your market image, Grow Yourself Rich offers tips and advice you won’t find in the textbooks or other marketing manuals. It comes only from over 30 years experience in marketing products like fresh produce, beauty products, charities and much more.

Learn how to package your product for optimal sales to grocers, restaurants, hotels, individuals and others. Learn how to use the media and other sales tools to build a business image and promote that image however far you want- your neighborhood, your state, the country, the world!

How far you decide to grow is up to you. The market is there- reach it!

Read Grow Yourself Rich today and start tomorrow growing your future.

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