The Windowsill Organic Gardener: Organic Growing for the Urban Gardener

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As the world population inflates and metropolitan areas continue to expand, urban sprawl has quickly overtaken the natural landscape. Yet within these concrete jungles, a new breed of gardener has emerged, one that is willing to work in constrictive environment to produce tiny porch gardens and patio crops. Tending to flourishing garden beds is no longer reserved for those with the space and funds install a paved patio, the joy of gardening is now available to everyone with a window.

The upsurge of urban gardeners calls for a new wave of literature to encourage their homegrown hobby. The entire planet is becoming aware of the importance and benefits of organic farming, including health improvements and financial freedom. Enter organic farming innovator Jay North and his time tested organic growing practices. In his new book, The Windowsill Organic Gardener: Organic Growing for the Urban Gardener, Jay shows city dwellers how to grow their own favorite vegetables, herbs and edible flowers in windowsill boxes, inside their own homes. Gardening  This organic process is done without gardening hydroponically and free of high intensity lights.

The Windowsill Organic Gardener is for anyone who appreciates fresh, healthy, organic vegetables and would like their own window ledge to brim with tomatoes, baby lettuces, summer squash, fresh herbs, and more. With clear, lively, user-friendly language, windowsill gardeners are given intricate step-by-step instruction on rearing a bounty of healthful organic vegetables, herbs, edible flowers and more. Readers enjoy sound advice ranging from everything they need to get started, choosing the right crops, and caring for their growing plants.

Author Jay North and his beloved late wife Pamela were known as one of the “Edible Flower Children” and were pioneers in the fledgling organic farming industry. Introducing hundreds of varieties of organically grown vegetables, fruit, herbs and the ever-popular edible flowers, the couple founded Paradise Farms, known worldwide as an innovator in specialty organic produce, organic gardening and produce marketing.

Jay has turned his expertise into helping people all over the world develop their own farms for sustenance, consumption and large production for commercial sales for over thirty years. He is an accomplished writer, author, and expert on organic farming practices, publishing several popular titles, including Getting Started in Organic Gardening For Fun and Profit, Guide to Cooking with Edible Flowers, and Grow Yourself Rich. He is a skilled marketer and has appeared on the Today show three times. He is also the proprietor of, a one-stop-shop for consultations, design assistance, learning, literature and other tools to explore the possibilities of organic farming, both for beginners as well as large-scale operations.

Worldwide, backyard growers and commercial farmers take advantage of Jay North’s services.

“Now you can grow all the things you love, in windowsills, in your own home, year ‘round and with no back breaking work, no weeds and practically no pests,” Jay says. “My desire and goal is to teach everyone who is interested in a healthier way to grow food and ornamental plants how to start out and make their gardening lot’s of fun.”

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