Open Spaces: Writer Puts His Heart Where His Pen Is

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Writer Puts His Heart Where His Pen Is
Best-selling author Jay North responds to a fundraiser appeal offering the proceeds from the sale of the book he wrote about the soul of the Blackfeet Nation.

When, James Bird, Founder and Manager of the Blackfeet Tribe Food Bank talked to bestselling author Jay North about helping the impoverished Blackfeet Tribe with a fundraiser to provide them with desperately needed supplies, Jay kept wondering if there was anything he could do to help. Jay North knew that every year men, women and children’s basic needs are not met and he also knew that there are generous people out there that feel the way he does about the fate of this noble people and would jump at the opportunity to help. So he came up with the idea to offer the sales of his book Open Spaces to the fundraiser.

Jay North has had a long-standing love affair with the Blackfeet nation. He had the privilege of living with one of the great wise men of our time, Chief Leonard J. Mountain, Blackfeet elder from Western Montana. The Chief generously opened the author’s eyes to the wealth of our land and the balance between man and nature. Open Spaces contains twenty-eight teachings in the form of lively and touching short stories about the life and traditions of the Blackfeet people – the sweat lodge, smoking the pipe, fishing and hunting with the Chief. The book is illustrated with personal photographs that bring to life the author’s experience.

“It suddenly hit me,” says North, “that I could offer the profits from my book Open Spaces to the Blackfeet fundraiser. It just makes a lot of sense. The book is about their wonderful culture and the proceeds would help them in a dignified way. I think Chief Leonard Mountain would approve!”

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