Indigenous Native Americans Desperately Need Our Help

12 September 2013


Contact: Jay North

Publisher: One Globe Press

Phone: (805) 794-9126




Since the beginning of the financial sequester, many communities have affected, none more so than those communities with few resources of their own, especially the likes of the Native American tribes. Brandy Moran, project manager ofthe suicide prevention program at Native Americans for Community Action says that since the sequester of funds, her organization and that of hundreds of other tribes has been having a difficult time treating natives with mental disorders. There are no funds available to hire mental health counselors or procure treatment for natives, not just locally but nationwide.

“This dilemma leaves us no choice but to go out and seek new funding from the private sectors.” With bigger cuts expected in the coming months, as Congress attempts to restore essential infrastructure services, humanitarian and other forms of public assistance are expected to be trimmed further, if not eliminated altogether. For those in need, to wait and see what may happen is not an option. “We need this help now,” said Ms. Moran.

In response to her plea, bestselling author Jay North and One Globe Press are teaming up to raise badly needed funds to help treat a large number of tribal members at risk of suicide. For the purchase of Open Spaces: My Life with Leonard J. Mountain Chief, One Globe Press is donating fifty percent of the proceeds to Suicide Prevention Program. In doing so, North has partnered to offer book buyers and Suicide Prevention Program an equal share in the opportunity to help save lives of these indigenous deserving people. People interested in supporting this effort should go to , see Open Spaces book at top of the list and make a purchase. Alternatively, the book may be purchased directly from Amazon subsidiary at .

“First Nation People require our support,” North says. “After all they have given us in the history of our great nation, this is the least I could do. What about you?”

Jay North is a full time writer, organic gardener and social activist.

Brandy Moran, Project Manager, Suicide Prevention Program at Native Americans for Community Action may be reached, via:,-Arizona-Area