Edible Flower Child Turned Bestselling Author

Press Release: Edible Flower Child Turned Bestselling Author

Contact Person: Jay North
Company Name: One Globe Press
Telephone Number: 805-794-9126
Email Address: jaysbookshere@gmail.com
Web site address: www.OneGlobePress.com & www.GoingOrganic.com

Jay North, internationally recognized organic farming pioneer, wants to help people prepare for, “oh my god its spring…”

Jay North, a retired Organic Farmer, says the best thing about walking around with all of this knowledge about the soil and how to grow things, is being able to share what he knows. Jay helps people through the start-up steps of a starting an organic farm or a backyard edible garden.

North, once owner of Paradise Farms, has traveled the country delivering the messages of organic gardening and the healthful benefits of living an organic life. Jay, and his now deceased wife Pamela, started with a very small plot of land in Summerland CA which grew to 175 acres of culinary herbs, baby vegetables and edible flowers. This earned the North’s a handsome living and the title “The Edible Flower Children.”

Jay once wrote a poem for his beloved soul mate Pamela that went like this: “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Daisies are yellow and you can eat those too.” Jay’s latest poem goes like this: “Veggies are fun to grow, I made millions, and you can too.” Jay North, author of Grow Yourself Rich, Guide To Cooking With Edible Flowers, Getting Started in Organic Gardening, and the Windowsill Organic Gardener says that he can help anyone, with or without a green thumb, get started in organic gardening or farming.

Jay recommends we take off our shoes and dance through the tulips daily. Reading Jays books can certainly turn any brown thumb green. His books can be found at www.OneGlobePress.com

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