A Singular Journey Into The Soul of The Blackfeet Nation

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13/Feb/2012 For Immediate Release

Ojai, CA. A Singular Journey Into The Soul of  The Blackfeet Nation

Best-selling author, Jay North once again manages to entertain and enlighten in his new book Open Spaces — a kaleidoscope of memories of Native American culture through the eyes of an awe-inspiring tribal elder Leonard J. Mountain Chief. Jay North had the privilege of living with one of the great wise men of our time, Chief Leonard J. Mountain Chief, Blackfeet elder from Western Montana. The Chief generously opened the author’s eyes to the wealth of our land and the balance between nature and man. Through Jay’s accounts in Open Spaces we witness the rupturing force of man when he lives in disharmony with nature. We learn how this noble and dignified people were inevitably led to acquire a culture that did not resonate with their ancestral roots and millennial wisdom.

The book is full of native insight and visions for planet Earth and those who inhabit it. Leonard often said, “a change has got to come sooner better than later.”

Open Spaces contains 28 of these stories and teachings in the form of lively and touching short stories to acquaint our generation with the life and traditions of the Blackfeet people – the sweat lodge, smoking the pipe, fishing and hunting with the Chief. The book is illustrated with 25 personal photographs that bring to life the tales of the author’s experience with his unlikely mentor.

“Ultimately,” says author Jay North, “once you learn about the richness of this native culture and their bonds with nature, Open Spaces introduces you to a world that you didn’t know existed. Truly, you’ll want to tell these stories to every child you know so that they’ll learn to appreciate their own primal connections and preserve life in all forms.”


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