A Little Soil, Lots of fun, Loads of Money


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Dear Editor, Now your readers can Grow Themselves Rich

A Little Soil, Lots of fun, Loads of Money

There are tons of get rich quick schemes on the market today, but they all fail to account for one factor: you aren’t going to get rich if you don’t put in work. Just ask any successful person you know: they all started small, with big dreams and tons and tons of elbow grease. Grow Yourself Rich by Jay North doesn’t quibble about the work it takes to make any business successful. The book doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars, and the investment you need to make it work you may already have.

If you’ve got as little as two acres of land, you can turn it into millions in profits. How? You have to know what to grow, how to grow it and- most importantly- how to market your produce.

Grow Yourself Rich is a true story of a real couple, Jay North and now deceased wife Pamela who took two acres of California farmland and turned it into millions in profits. It is also a book that will teach you valuable marketing skills that you can use to start and grow any business. The limits? Your imagination and how much you’re willing to work.

Jay has used these same techniques to sell millions of dollars worth of everything from beauty products to fine art. Though some of his techniques differ from the textbook how-to’s and the mainstream marketing trends popular now, thirty years’ experience and millions in sales don’t come from doing what everybody else is doing. It comes from learning in the field, on the job and from success as well as failure.

Grow Yourself Rich is a personal story of how one couple took their dreams of being self-sufficient farmers from a small plot to feed their pets all the way to Good Morning, America, the Tonight Show and Today with Bryant Gumble. It is also the culmination of the skills they used to get there. Jay can teach you what will work and what often will not when it comes to direct sales, multi-media marketing, getting free press and other sales and marketing tools.

Paradise Farms, the farm Jay and Pam made famous with baby vegetables, fresh culinary herbs, edible flowers and other items hard to find elsewhere, became a nationally-acclaimed success story. Featured in over 3,000 newspaper and magazine articles, in addition to earning Jay and Pam a regular cooking show and many tours across the country teaching both chefs and laypersons how to cook with edible flowers.

Jay and Pam became known as the “Edible Flower Children” and sold over 100,000 copies of their book, Guide to Cooking With Edible Flowers.

If you think you’d like to turn your green thumb into a greener bank account, or if you just need some insight, ideas and inspiration for starting and promoting any business of your own, you owe it to yourself to buy a copy of Grow Yourself Rich.

A light, easy-to-understand read, it is an invaluable tool for both the beginner and the seasoned businessperson who is looking for some fresh insight into sales and marketing.

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