We Must Solve The Refugee Crisis – NOW!!!

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– We Must Solve The Refugee Crisis – NOW!!! 6/April/206

– We Must Solve The Refugee Crisis – NOW!!!

By Jay North

Refugees flooding USA, Europe and other nations around the world are more than a crisis it is a full blown emergency!  Not since World War II has there been such a massive exodus from homes, loved ones and countries, particularly in the war torn Middle East. US National Census reports that there are over sixty million people displaced by global conflicts of war and tribal strife. And the count continues to rise in 2016.[1]

While many people throughout the world are in shock because of the crisis there are also many people that feel disconnected and confused about the root causes of these conflicts. The causes are complex, but stem from two main issues. #1 war: unfortunately peace on earth has not yet become a reality; we must work towards a utopian and enlightened society. #2 greed by Wall Street and the companies that profit from the war machine. War is big business; corporations and individuals profit from conflict. Since the year 1991 when the USA first invaded Iraq the US alone has spent over 300 TRILLION dollars in supporting wars and population reduction of dark skinned people particularly in the Middle East, just as we did in the 1930’ and 40’s in Hitler’s Germany in the extermination of millions of Jews and gypsies.  If we follow the rants of presidential candidate Donald Trump refugees in the USA would likely suffer internment camps, not unlike the American Japanese did also in the 1940’s. [2]

This opinion article is about saving lives, rising up and shouting no more war-we have had enough. The article is about real hope, real change and being of service. This writer would ask you to look deep into your heart and recognize these HUMAN BEINGS that have been displaced, uprooted from homes, friend’s family, church, business and all they held dear. They are people just like the rest of us and need and deserve help beyond just money.  I read a news feed recently of a 19 year old girl that lost her entire family including her newlywed husband as a result of their unarmed boat being turning over in the Mediterranean Sea. Trump supporters may be delighted to know it was a purposeful attack to kill or turn these people around. She did survive-only one out of 180 people that died. Subsequently, she was rescued after four days alone in a life preserver. She was adopted by a Kansas City, MO family that sent to school to learn to read and write English and now going into nursing school. Some might refer to this young woman as a potential terrorist.  Is this is the act of love and kindness or charity? Yes it is and that is what we need to foster more of around the world. We are people plain and simple; we are just like everyone else in our suffering our delights and our desires.

Next time you find yourself in a church, a temple, a mosaic or chanting around a fire circle, ask yourself “what can I do?” I suggest you stop trying to find God and please stop trying to make yourself happy. There is world of hurt going on, and you are needed to help ease it. Am I preaching? Hell yes I am. While the world is boiling humanitarians are need to help fix it. If you believe that putting your faith in your vote will change anything-well then you are quite naive. The world does not need politicians, preachers or rock stars telling us how to fix the problems, we need to finally come together and fix the problems-not argue about them. Before you post the next cute picture of your dog and cat on Facebook, take an hour out of your day and ask what I can do to make a difference. Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country and the people coming to it.

Jay North is an author, lover of humanity and social activist, North can be contacted at www.OneGlobePress.com


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